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Carolina Monntoya

Hey I had join the academy last year and being a non dancer I had started from the basics and I am a slow dance learner literally it was like I used to practice each step a day 😂 Akshay sir was there to teach me he was so humble and literally has a lot patience,even taking so much time to grasp he use teach me with the same enthusiasm and patience and one more thing the evening batch starts at 6 bt my clg use to end u by 4:45 so I Needed a batch by 5 I just told them the academy even coordinated me with my time. It is the best academy and teachers ever experienced😌😊.

Sakshi Gaddime

Hello, I got a dance choreographed by the groove academy for my friend’s wedding and totally loved the way how easily the steps were taught to us! Had an amazing experience with Akshay & Parag sir. Highly recommandable✨ Apart from the academy they have an amazing feed on instagram which has amazing dance videos❤️💯 Probably the best dance academy in aurangabad! Keep growing🔥

Saumya Tiwari

Groove like a family not only class and Parag sir N Akashy sir is best teachers they teaching me so meny things about Dance an not only dance they teaching me different things in my Life I Love you Guruji’s😘 An they very struggling for us . every time they Help Me N teach Me .thank Q sir ji being my teacher an every time they treat me like a friend I LOVE GROOVE and Love you Parag sir N Akashay sir ✌😘 An about choreography Ekdam kadak wali any Time

Rahul Deore

The teaching and the teachers are the Best! I always have so much fun everytime stepping into the class! I learn while having fun! Working out or practicing I enjoy every bit of it because of the environment around is very friendly ! I feel so energetic and motivated after every class! I love how effortlessly you guys make us move and groove!

Shruti Sable

Have known Parag sir for 8 years now and have always been a big fan of his and his teams dance. The only place where I could dance without hesitation 👍👍

Dharmishta chavhan

I'm so thankful for you and all you do for me to make me a better dancer ! You are my always first inspiration in dance Thank you for always pushing me and pushing me to be my best self !! And I'm very glad to be part of your INSTITUTE. I'm really glad I have Parag sir, Akshay sir and Pratik as Teacher or Choreographer And lot of good or bad things i can't say in this message Once again, Thank you so much sir HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY

Lokesh Bhagwat

Right before I entered the world of "dance" I never felt it would play such a major role in my life ahead. Started just as no other hobby but then it overrode with passion. My motivation began from seeing you guys being so hard working, dedicated about it. Everyday different experience but same enthusiasm. Thanks for giving the perception which I never imagined could have been.

Eemaan Syed

The first time I decided to join dance class after almost 10 years and searched for a class on google I found groove, I saw the pics of the class and few of mu school juniors used to go there so I decided to visit the class. Even while entering the building I dint know where was the exact room. Before calling Parag sir I thought of turning back and run. But I called him asked for the room and went anyway. The way he spoke to me made me feel comfortable inspite of being fat and inspite of all my reservations. I decided to join the class. Every single person that comes to the class is so supportive and encouraging of every one and specially Parag Sir and Akshay Sir. They are just amazing with the choreographies and encouraging everyone to learn, dance their hearts out and follow their passion. Ever since that day groove is my happy place. The one place that brings people together purely on the basis of love for one single thing......"Dance". And Parag Sir and Akshay Sir have a major role in making groove family the best.

Shalaka Chaudhary

Hii. This is Dr. Preetesh Bhandari. Feedback: I took training for exact 2 months. It was an amazing experience. 1. That I thgt is that you really need to be good at dance beforehand only, nahi to match karna sabko difficult ho jata hai. Like there are people dancing since 2 3 yrs in the same group and have a good control over the steps. 2. What I feel is batches should be stratified as per their capability. 3. Choreographies are amazing. No steps are copied. And Everytime there is something new to learn. 4. Initial workout sessions are really good. Overall it was a really amazing journey with you all and looking forward to continue.

Dr. Preetesh Bhandari

When, I was back to Aurangabad and looking for a good dance class. I got a suggestion from friend about GDI saying that I would improve my dance skills alot after joining it. And I do realize my dance skills have improved a lot. The choreography is always the best as we move from song to song. Specifically I would like to mention the pattern and schedule that is very good. In past, I've suggested a few songs that too have been considered. The Groove 2k19 Mega Dance Event is one of the greatest platforms I ever performed at, with some of the coolest and energetic songs. Looking forward to perform again in any such event. Suggestions: For some reason, I had to change my timing for morning and hereby letting you know the points of improvements. The timings (8am-9am) is less than that of evening which sometimes takes more days to complete the song. With due respect and not to criticize anyone, I've observed that the practice in your presence is different than when you are present. It is less productive. Thank you so much for sparing time for reading my feedback. Looking for long lasting association with you🤗.

Jayesh Motwani

I am proud to be a groover... I have have started my dancing journey from it! Parag sir is a inspirational teacher to all of us, Parag sir has a lovely way of giving corrections to really help me to improve my dance. Parag sir is a wonderful, kind and patient teacher, He encourages us and take time to really explain the technique and the feel of each movement. His passion for dance just oozes from his soul. Thank you so much sir for being such an amazing roll model to me♥️

Nikhil Deshmukh

It was a great experience I am glad that I met u two teachers and learned alot from u both.Fun learning experience The very best dance institute of aurangabad and choreography is great 🔥 ,both the teachers are very friendly. workshops are also too great and groove dance institute experience is really very good

Aarti Jadhav

Groove dance Institute has very best choreography overall ... Yaa ur selection of style and songs are also awesome... I wish I could join you all.

Shivani Khandelwal

Groove Dance Institute is a very good platform for all the dance lovers to learn and explore their talent under the perfect guidance of Parag Sir and his friends 😊😊😊😊

Anuja gujrathi

I have loved dancing, and learning it from groove dance institute made me even more better. Always thankful💙💙💙 -

Anishka Ubarhande

Grove Dance institute is amazing 💯 💃🏻All the instructors there teach so nicely and are so kind. The way they teach,different styles and the choreography are all next level💯 I don’t think there is any other dance class better than Grove in Aurangabad!

Anisha nathani

Groove dance institute It's been 5years ik this institute N I found it one of best dance class in cities ❣ I started my dancing through this academy !! Choreography is just outstanding n amazing...I have seen many kinds of dances which I was unknown to before I joined this institute. I would love to learn more from one of the finest dancers n choreographers like PARAG SIR N AKSHAY SIR ! This academy makes u look in the mirror n say hello to your souls 💜💙 Feels like a family which makes ourselves to know our talent n skills and explore our dancing skills -

Shreya Saraf

U have your own style, and different swag. Which my children like so much..... Keep is up👍🏻👍🏻 -

Farin shaikh

My experience with groove dance institute was amazing. The way of teaching and choreography was fun with groove dance institute.

Samiksha Agrawal

You guys are wonderful with your teaching and choreography. You pay attention towards each and every student and have a lot of patience.😛😛 I have had an amazing experience learning from you guys and plan to continue to do so. Machao😬✌️

Riya Chajed

Its unique...choreography of yours is fab..its pleasure watching u all dance together... Your videos r eye catching and adorable 😇

Sonali mam

I have total 4 months experience in groove dance institute And that experience was outstanding Choreography of the dance is fabulous Akshay sir and parag sir both are fabulous choreographer and mine favourite ever👍

Shubham Ghadamode

Utterly inspirational, led by a highly skilled and engaging teacher. The teaching was so clear that they could easily transfer this into the routine of the dance. Yet another fantastic Dance studio, I would highly recommend to others.” -Mahima Jaiswal

Mahima Jaiswal

Hello! Just want to say that Groove dance academy overall is the best place for dance lovers because of professionalism blended with fun. And I am a big fan of choreography and the unique style. To be frank when I used to come,that was the best part of my day but it would have been more fun in evening batch. I hope i'll be able to join soon. Thanks for considering me!

Ruchita Banthia

I’ve been a student at Groove Dance Institute since I was kid and it has helped me grow so much as a dancer over the years. I’m so grateful for every amazing dance routine that they’ve set for my competitions. It has always been an incredible and fun experience to dance there, constantly learning and improving with the help of Parag Sir and all other instructors.

Kalyani Deshmukh

Grooves basically helped me discover my dancing skills at pro level & honestly your efforts with 24x7 hardworking approach polished this art in me... So always a pleasure to come n dance at Grooves Dance institute.. All the respect & regards from the bottom of my heart. Thank you 😀🙏❤

Gaurav sipani

Groove is one Of the best dance institute in Aurangabad .Parag Sir is an awesome dance teacher ,he pours his heart and soul into dance.He has inborn talent Of dance,Actually he has brought me up in the World of dance and trained me well. He is my daughter’s first dance guru and I am really happy for that, hats off to your dedication and knowledge of Dance . Sir,you are an inspiration.

Mrs Sonali Mangalsingh PAWAR

Hello, I was student at Groove Academy & basically a non dancer, so I've started with basics & throughout the routine Akshay & Parag sir helped me. I'm also following the routine in the lockdown as you guys are posting it. You guys are amazing & i wish you all the best . Thank you.❣️

Bhagyashree Patil

Groove Dance Institute's Choreographers have been of great help for my College Group Dance Competition. We were taught so well, we learned discipline and patience. Choreography was so fresh, we got to take different concepts and dance forms every year and my entire group thoroughly enjoyed it. A big Thank you to GDI team👍😎

Radhika phatke

Can’t say enough about Groove ! This place made me a better dancer , given me a platform to perform , amazing teachers and always has and continues to bring out the best in me . Am so happy to be a part of this family and super proud to be a groover ! Groove has not only made me a performer but also given me so much more , friendships , amazing dances, events ,countless memories and definitely the best time of my life ! This is my happy place and will always be ♥️ Cheers to 12 years of groove and many more to come!!!

Apurva Deshmukh

Groove dance academy it's my daughter's dance class.We as shivai grp wanted to perform, many of us were not even knowing basic dance steps ,it was like teaching a b c d to us above the age of 40 . It was too difficult but made possible by Parag and Akshay sir Though they are young but our gurus . First time I was worried not of their capability but about us then after I just blindly trusted Parag.Thanks a lot and all the best to you guys. Congratulations on completing 12 years .Blessings from me.

Vrushali Deshmukh

Great instructors, good learning environment and the class is situated at a good and convenient location

Sanyukta Suryawanshi

Groove Dance Institute is a great dance institute for adults and kids alike. I really appreciate how dedicated the whole Groove Dance team is to giving Dancers a solid dance foundation, building confidence and providing them with a life long love of Dance.It's been a fun and positive experience for me. Thanks!

Priyam alandkar

Grove dance academy is one of the best dance academy in Aurangabad. Our programs become more graceful because of them.Excellent communication, skill and technic they used to teach us dance at our age of 45. I love to dance 😄 congratulations to " Grove academy " Parag and Akshay💐🙏😄

Ranjana Deshmukh

My experience with groove dance institute is really good. The class itself has a great vibe and choreography is also nice they have more focus on the technicality which beneficial for a dancer. It's fun learning here 😁

Isha dumne